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Hello and welcome to Love From Bath

Bath is brimming with designers, makers and creators yet most are under-represented on the high street. As more of us want to give gifts that are meaningful, personal and sustainable, Love from Bath seeks out the most joyful, high-quality, local products to handpick from and puts them in one convenient place

Boxes are sent in an eco-friendly, recycled gift box containing a ‘Love From…’ personalised note, acid free tissue paper and tied with a colourful ribbon.

Boxes can be hand delivered locally within a 3 mile radius of Bathampton, sent directly to you, or directly to your recipient, or picked up from LFB HQ in Bathampton, Bath. Contact us for more details.

Hi I’m Tina, founder of LFB

I’m so excited to finally launch Love From Bath, a concept that has been in development for the past 3 years and to be honest I almost didn’t even finish.  

I was born in Bath some 40 odd years ago and despite spending much of my life in London, my love for the city has remained deep. So much so that my family and I relocated back here in 2019 shortly before covid. I will always be grateful that we made the move and enjoyed Bath’s beauty every day during those difficult times. 

My previous life was in sales and marketing focused on big brand advertising. Some of the ethics associated with this life didn’t sit well with me as I have always been a true believer in supporting local business’. I know that choosing them over multi-national chains not only strengthens the economy but also builds community, promotes sustainability, and boosts innovation. This leads to a more creative, prosperous, better cared for local town or city. Something that Bath and indeed all cities and towns need more than ever. 

I would like to thank the amazing, talented, big hearted producers that I have met on this journey so far and hope that this new business venture helps them to continue to evolve, employ more people, and share their joyous and delicious products for many to relish.  

Love Bath? Send a gift, with Love From Bath. 

Our Creators

Their stories

Girls Who Grind Coffee

This brand! I can’t get enough of the awesome pack imagery, the concept or the coffee. Where do I start? This all girl team is run by Casey and Fi from a Somerset Farm where they roast the best coffee beans to produce exceptional coffee in super funky packaging. Their ethos is to promote equality within the coffee industry buying from female coffee producers, empowering women and appreciating their important role. They create long term business partnerships and give back to them directly through their profits. Hearing these women’s stories makes you feel proud to purchase from GWGC and makes that delicious cup of coffee taste even more delectable.

Check out their merch and more @girlswhogrindcoffee but first taste it!

Seven Hills Chocolate

Nick is the Willy Wonka of Newton St Loe. He works in the most quaint spot at the end of a country lane creating his very own delicious chocolate treats produced from bean to bar. 

He adheres to the highest ethical and sustainable standards. The farmers receive far more for the cocao they grow than the world farm gate price. This allows them the opportunity for their communities to prosper.

The rest of his ingredients such as cream and milk are sourced from Somerset and  he donates to Dorothy House and Mind, both Bath based charities, for each bar that is sold. 

Nick makes a huge range of dark, milk and blonde bars containing sea salt, cashews, cranberries, hazelnuts, pistachios & raspberries to name just a few. He makes fabulous drinking chocolate powdered, or on a spoon, truffles, candied orange or stem ginger… the list goes on. 

I look forward to eating and stocking more of Nick’s delights in the future and visiting his factory… although sadly there are no oompa loompas on site.



Cathy’s incredible company Limelight produces the most beautiful candles, melts, burners, and other home fragrance delights. Her products are seriously classy and all smell completely divine. My bathroom is never without one of her diffusers (No. 3 is my favourite!).

She is a seriously impressive woman building her business from her kitchen Aga to her Corsham based warehouse space where she and her team produce and fulfil orders not only for Limelight but also commissions for local brands like Bramley and The Pig group. Above all she has achieved this whilst raising a family of no less than 4 children and 2 dachunds!

Love From Bath has serious love for Limelight!


Angie B Yoga

Angie was inspired by her garden in Singapore whilst practicing yoga on her road to healing from breast cancer. She wanted to put her garden onto yoga mats and that’s exactly what she did creating bold, beautiful patterns on quality, biodegradable towel/mat hybrids.  

Lucky for us Angie moved back to Bath bringing her mats & warmth with her.

She is such a generous individual and it’s truly joyful to see someone follow their passion despite the challenges life has thrown at them. Everyone needs an Angie B yoga mat!


Joya Socks

Ok, so we had to go a little bit further than the Bath postcodes for these beauties! Fortunately, not too far up the road in lovely Nailsworth, Joya socks design and manufacture quality bamboo and wool blend socks. Wool and bamboo makes them an eco friendly option, as does their eco packaging.  With 80% bamboo fibre in their bamboo range not only are they extremely soft but they are anti bacterial and anti fungal! Who knew? Just to top it off their designs are fun, festive and fresh and we look forward to introducing more designs throughout the year. 


House of Leopards

If you’re feeling in need of cheering up you only need look at House of Leopard’s instagram account or Etsy site and all will be well in the world. I’ve never been bold enough for statement jewellery until I found this joyous brand and the equally joyous lady behind it Soph. Soph started HOL during lock down and thank goodness she did. Her glitter filled, colourful jewellery creations make you want to put on something fabulous and dance the night away… or even just wear to the local shops and spread happiness to all around. This was the hardest brand to pick just a couple of products from and we will absolutely be adding more… watch this shimmering space!


Liu Ying Ceramics

Ying is a super clever potter creating beautifully simple (not easy!) ceramics from her home studio in Peasedown. 

Ying unexpectedly fell in love with pottery after taking a class with a friend and couldn’t believe how much she loved it. Like many of the Mum’s contributing to LFB she was very much driven to follow her passion after covid and is now not only creating beautiful pieces but teaching others to do so too.

As well as being a talented artist she is also an accomplished cook and photographer with her own cooking blog serving the Bath Chinese community.



Gudie started making her beautiful lavender filled eye pillows when she could no longer massage during lockdown. She now makes not only a rainbow pallette of pillows but also seriously impressive macrame pieces from plant holders to one off commissions. 

Gudie has been a dancer and dance teacher for most of her career and is now a massage therapist, Qigong teacher, and Reiki practitioner. I’m not sure how she finds time to unleash her creativity but she somehow does!

I love visiting Gudie’s home. It’s a wonderfully peaceful oasis occupied by her gorgeous, friendly Maine coon cats! 


Planty Kate

Planty Kate (aka Kate Clark) is a Bath based entrepreneur and Mum obsessed with house plants. Having worked in retail for many years she founded a business selling house plants and later incorporated candles and beauty products with other local makers. Since then she has learnt to make these herself from her fabulous scientific yet homely looking ‘lab’ and now promotes the benefits of essential oils with her beautiful balms, candles, soaps and scents. Sustainability is at the core of Planty Kate’s business. I love that the tins are made in a UK factory powered by solar. 

We’re looking forward to stocking more of Kate’s products in the future and celebrating her great success. 



Jon is a highly enthusiastic, generous Bath entrepreneur seeing a gap in the market for sustainable food & drink holders. I love his colourful vibrant store in Kingsmead square in Bath which also doubles as a yoga studio. His bright,water bottles, coffee cups and food containers really make you want to travel everywhere with them, saving money and our planet’s inhabitants. 

Jon is a Dad to four young children and has named all his bottle colours after them and other loved ones. Cute! 

Before Bullfrog opened up shop Jon sold bottles around Bath from an electric bike carrying a portable card machine! Now he has grown his business to include yoga accessories, kids yoga mats, beanies and more. LFB are so excited to have some of our gift boxes stocked in the Bullfrog store for Christmas. Thanks Jon for your kindness and support!